17/2, Pandit Para, Mymensingh

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Imam Hosen Lixon

Senior Lecturer, Programming Language


Imam Hosen Lixon , Senior Lecturer , is an effective tacher who inspires and leads his students to excel in their school work. He has all the quality of an Ideal teacher such as Good Communication skills, Good Classroom Management Skills, Good Student-teacher collaboration skills, Plenty of patience and confidence and Capacity to structure engaging teaching and lesson plans for students. He commands respects from our heart. He possesses all good and noble qualities of a human being. To the students, he is a friend, philosopher and guide at a stretch. He holds aloft the light of knowledge for his students. He possesses sound qualification. His comments are always constructive in nature. Such a teacher shapes the entire life of the students. If everyone in this world gets an ideal teacher, he will seldom be a failure in life.

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Imam Hosen Lixon, Lecturer, CBST
  • 01677 – 505098
  • 01677 – 505098
  • Unknown
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  • Blood Group: Unknown
  • Date of Birth: 05-11-1992
  • Religion: Islam
  • Muktagacha