17/2, Pandit Para, Mymensingh

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College Of Business Science & Technology (CBST) is situated at Mymensingh district of Dhaka division in Bangladesh.It is a government approved private institution (National University affiliated) sponsored and founded by Advanced Foundation Bangladesh(AFB)-a social welfare organization has been running from 2002.It is the leading private institute of Mymensingh town,which offers dynamic courses for the students.CBST encourages its students to generate new ideas and creativity.CBST is one of the best institutes providing bright opportunities for the students to build up their career.In this challenging and ever changing world,CBST started its journey with the vision ensuring high quality and moving ahead faster with dynamic changes and above all maintaining the world class standard.


Vision of CBST is to improve lives of the people of the greater Mymensingh in perticular by offering opportunities and obtaining knowledge and skills essential for living in the new century.Its vision in brief could be stated as think globally and act locally.


CBST offers such programs of study directly linked to socio-economic empowerment of the people of the country and conducts educational researches and development programs of high quality at affordable fees.

CBST -an institution which is a combination of science and arts.We welcome there who have a background of science/commerce or arts to make themselves efficient,challenging,effective,hard working,positive perceiver and so on.We try to pull out that intelligence,qualifications,ideas,brilliants which are hidden inside the students.We try to provide best teaching processes which maintain high quality education aided with highly qualified and experienced teachers.Those who started their journey with CBST,they have already realized that they are going to build a bright future for them.So once you start your journey with us you will discover that you are also stepping in the first stage of your bright career.So you are also most welcome to CBST to blust out your hidden brilliancy with success